Sexual Assault Victim Education–S.A.V.E

About S.A.V.E


Sip It for S.A.V.E.

S.A.V.E., Inc. (Sexual Assault Victim Education) is a non-profit, volunteer organization that has existed since 1982. Since our inception we have been teaching very young children in San Luis Obispo County about the prevention of sexual abuse.

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S.A.V.E. supplies “Talk About Touching” curriculum to preschools throughout San Luis Obispo County. Our goal is to develop public awareness regarding the sexual molestation of young children and reduce the incidence of this happening in our community.

The “Talking About Touching” Curricula, extensively tested and proven effective, is currently implemented in preschools throughout the county. S.A.V.E. is proud to offer this curricula to the schools at our expense. “Talking about Touching” is not a sex education program. It is a comprehensive safety program that includes teaching children about safe touches.

S.A.V.E.  began 30 years ago with Galadriel Blakeslee and Mary Eggan, S.A.R.T. (Suspected Abuse Response Team) coordinator. These women saw that while some services did exist to respond to abuse once it had already happened, nothing was being done to prevent it from occurring. They also reviewed data that showed that one of the most common ages for abuse to begin is 3 years old.  S.A.V.E began with a mission to educate the very young child, their parents and their community. Currently we serve 65 preschools and have reached thousands of children over 25 years.




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